Hot topics at Sodwana Bay Lodge Hotel

Why a destination vacation is the way to go

Posted on Tue April 9, 2024.

A destination vacation adds light to your life. And none more so than at Sodwana Bay Lodge.

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Choose a destination with adventure

Posted by Mariette on Thu March 21, 2024 in Activities.

One thing Covid has taught us is that life should be filled with adventure. And Sodwana Bay Lodge offers adventures galore.

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Happy days at the beach

Posted by Mariette on Sat March 16, 2024 in Activities.

Spending a day or days at Sodwana Bay beach is a must.

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Wanna SUP?

Posted by Mariette on Sat March 16, 2024.

How to get started with this explosively popular sport at Sodwana Bay beach.

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