Whale Watcher Tours

'Thar she blows!' Seeing the giants of the deep in action is truly an unforgettable experience - so don't miss the opportunity to join our Whale Watcher Tours.

From July to November, humpback whales migrate northward from the Antarctic through South African waters, parking off for a while at Sodwana Bay on their way to the warm tropical waters off southern Madagascar to mate and calf.

Whale Watcher is the only licensed whale-watching operation in the Sodwana Bay waters. This allows us to approach whales within the protected 300-meter radius. The permit ensures regulation of the industry and minimum intrusion on the whales from boats.

The Sodwana Bay Whale Watcher Tour procedure is a thrilling surf launch, cresting the waves. So, hold on tight to stay on deck! However, once out at sea, all is calm again. There are few experiences as rewarding as seeing a humpback whale blowing or showing off in the water with awesome jumps. You wouldn't want to miss this for the world.

In November, expect to see Whale sharks (but sadly their populations have declined in the area) and Manta Rays on the surface and in the mid-water. 

We depart from the beach, 6 km from the hotel from July to November. The tours are about two hours in duration, including the boat launch and safety induction. Minimum of 4 pax per trip.