Whale Watcher Tours

Whales migrate northward from the Antarctic through South African waters, passing and dwelling in Sodwana Bay, on their way to the warm tropical waters off southern Madagascar to mate and calf. Both mating and calving takes place in these warm tropical waters. Gestation is 11 to 12 months and lactation (suckling) takes a further 11 to 12 months.

The Sodwana Bay Whale Watching Tour procedure is a surf launch. This is a thrilling experience, as you surf launch through the majestic waves, one is advised to hold on tight in order to stay on deck, but once out at sea it’s a calm yet scenically powerful experience that centres you back again.
There are few experiences as rewarding as seeing a humpback whale blowing or showing off in the water with great jump heights that create synchronized embodied waves.

A dozen whales, a couple of dolphins, with the odd bit of seasickness thrown in for good measure, make the whole experience highly memorable.

Departure is based at the beach, a 6km walk or brief drive from Sodwana Bay Lodge.
This boat-based tour takes place during the months of July to November. Tours are about two hours in duration; this includes the boat launch, safety induction etc. Minimum of 4 pax per trip.

Whale Watcher is the only licensed whale-watching operation in the Sodwana Bay waters. This allows the charter boat to approach whales within the protected 300-meter radius. The permit ensures regulation of the industry and minimum intrusion from boats on the whales.