Sodwana Bay Lodge

When Divers, Fishermen and eco-adventurers can resist the call of the great African outdoors no more, they return to one place - Sodwana

In the heart of Maputaland, close to the pristine Lake Shazibe nestling behind the world's highest natural dunes, a short distance from the sea, Sodwana Bay Lodge has been carefully designed to match the rustic eco-orientated nature of the region.

The warm Indian Ocean currents of the Mosambique Channel wash onto the shores of Maputaland, a timeless realm of astounding bio-diversity and beauty

Here, on the relatively untouched eastern seaboard of southern Africa, wide lakes and extensive river estuaries shimmer with life, fertile swamp and sand forest abound with rare and protected animal and plant species, while towering dunes shelter golden beaches from the lush interior.

Venturing oceanwards, the seabed is bejewelled with coral reefs and formations of dramatic splendour, staging an unceasing pageant of every imaginable kind of marine life.

Africa's renowned "Big-5" - elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard - are complimented by a rich array of antelope and bird species. Here the "Big-5" can become the prized "Big-6" as humpback whales spout and gambol close to shore.